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Enabling Public Match Data
Help me! My Dota 2 Account can not be found.

1. By default, The match data of Dota 2 account is anonymous that we can not crawl your data from STEAM API. If you would like to see your match data at Dotamax, you'll need to enable the "Expose Public Match Data" setting in the Dota 2 game client. After that we can crawl, process and display your person Dota 2 stats at!

Here is the introduction of how to enable "Expose Public Match Data":

  • Open the Dota 2 game client.
  • 1) Click the Settings icon on the left-top of the screen.
  • 2) Click "Options"
  • 3) Check "Expose Public Match Data" to enable it.


2. Next, you need to register a dotamax account and sign in with Steam using your Dota 2 account. After that, we'll crawl your Dota 2 Match Data automaticly. CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION!

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